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There are an increasing number of dental practices that use the words “holistic”, “natural”, “biological” or the like. Unfortunately, patients often discover that these terms are merely labels to attract alternative-minded patients. At the Center For Systemic Dentistry, which was founded nearly 30 years ago, you will find a practice dedicated to finding the delicate balance between ancient wisdom and modern technology—for the true health and healing of our patients. Our practice is truly unique, so much so, that our patients travel from across the tri-state area and even from across the United States for the alternative natural healing methods that we offer. Please read A Basic Primer on Holistic Dentistry to see what we mean. So whether you are located in Berkeley Heights, any of the surrounding towns (Millburn, Summit, Springfield, Short Hills, etc.), or throughout the NJ/NY/PA tri-state area, we’re here to help you with your dental needs.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Safe Amalgam Removal If you have been diagnosed with mercury toxicity or you have been thinking about having your mercury (amalgam) fillings removed, you’ll find everything…

Read More

Holistic Pediatric Dentistry

For years, researchers have pointed to a systemic theory of decay, flying in the face of the “acid theory” of tooth decay. In other words, the problem originates in the body and manifests in the mouth…

Read More

Root Canal Alternative

Have you been told you need a Root Canal? Did you know that there are alternatives to having root canal surgery? Root canals can also cause long-term health problems, if not done correctly.

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What else characterizes a holistic dentist?

While holistic dentists receive the same training and accreditation as their conventional counterparts, there are significant differences in the philosophy of disease and approach to treatment between the two. Some of these differences include:

Typical Conventional Dentist

  • Treats dental problems as isolated diseases, unrelated to the overall health of the patient
  • Has no objection to using mercury-amalgam fillings to repair cavities and does not believe that patients need to be tested for their reaction to different filling materials
  • Sees no need to remove existing mercury-amalgam fillings
  • Prescribes medications (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) in the course of treatment
  • Recommends root canals to treat all types of tooth pain (even teeth with a healthy nerve)
  • Utilizes surgery in the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease
  • Has little if any training in nutrition or its use in the prevention/treatment of dental disease
  • Filling cavities, installing crowns and implants, etc., are the normal methods of treatment for dental disease
  • Utilizes fluoride to prevent cavities
  • As a licensed dental professional, believes that he/she is the expert in prescribing a course of treatment

Typical Holistic Dentist

  • Treats the patient’s overall health and wellness, as well as their specific dental problems
  • Does not use mercury-amalgam fillings, instead preferring to use non-amalgam alternatives, using biocompatibility testing for safe filling selection
  • Is open to the removal of mercury-amalgam fillings at the request of the patient and utilizes a specially-designed protocol that minimizes mercury exposure during removal
  • Prefers to utilize non-toxic alternative methods for controlling pain or infections
  • Will recommend root canal alternatives; will diagnose the cause of the pain in order to treat it successfully
  • Uses non-surgical alternatives for the treatment of gum disease
  • Uses nutrition as a key element in a complete, holistic approach to overall den
  • Takes the most conservative approach to your dental treatment, preferring to first try less invasive and gentle approaches to solve dental problems.
  • Does not use fluoride as part of your dental wellness program
  • Understands and encourages the patient to research and understand the possible courses of treatment and the differences between conventional and alternative methods, including the use of cutting edge ideas and technology

Our Technological services has been improved vastly

Come Experience the real life situations of saving life

Want to buy valtrex, Ordering valtrex canada

How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Dr. Philip Memoli is the founder of the Center For Systemic Dentistry, and has nearly 30 years of experience in systemic (holistic) dentistry, acupuncture/acupressure, homeopathy, and nutrition, which, along with traditional dental methods, form the basis of his dental practice. Dr. Memoli regularly receives referrals from medical doctors for patients who are experiencing mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings.

  • Dont just worry about the things you cannot help.
  • Eat Healthy, work better, do gardening.
  • Some relationships can kill you. Avoid them at the most.
  • Focus on the good things that you like
  • Eat Healthy, work better, do gardening.

Our Pledge To You

Our Pledge To You

Safe Amalgam removal

Periodontal Disease

We will always take a conservative approach to your treatment (drilling and filling is the last resort)

For your protection, we promise never to use mercury or fluoride on your teeth (or in our office)

To help prevent future problems, we will provide you with a scientifically designed dental wellness program

Whenever possible, we will recommend the best natural options for your dental problem, including natural alternatives to fillings, root canals, and pain control