Dr Todaro



Dr. Todaro graduated in 1987 from Rutgers Dental School as a general dentist. Since that time, her practice has been primarily in the fields of orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. With her intense interest in holistic dentistry, Dr. Todaro strives to offer traditional services with safe or alternative options.


COMPREHENSIVE PEDIATRIC EXAMINATION: A risk assessment is done on decay and orthodontic development, in order to create a preventative program for your child. A nutritional consultation is also provided.

SEALANTS: These are done only if necessary, with non-sealant materials (which are high in BPA).

COMPOSITE FILLINGS:   Composite or white fillings are used instead of mercury-silver fillings.

TEETH REQUIRING PEDIATRIC ROOT CANALS:   Vital (live dental nerve) pulpotomy is performed. Composite restorations are used instead of stainless steel crowns.


MYOFUNCTIONAL THERAPY: These are functionally designed mouthguard-like appliances to treat muscular habits, such as tongue-thrusting, which can cause orthodontic problems.

FUNCTIONAL APPLIANCES: These appliances may provide early correction of orthodontic problems, including treatment for arch expansion. In certain cases, they may alleviate the need for future orthodontic treatment.

FAST BRACESTM: These braces are available in cosmetic ceramic brackets and wires. They allow for rapid resolution of orthodontic cases. Most cases are completed in only five months.

INVISALIGNTM:   These are clear plastic aligners for tooth movement. They also provide an alternative to metal braces.